Verdi’s Luisa Miller / Opéra Royal de Wallonie

Critical Acclaim "Maestro Massimo Zanetti and his baton are expert in Verdian repertoire. He dares to present violent contrasts of savage brutality and chiseled nuances . . .

{Le chef Massimo Zanetti a la baguette experte en territoire verdien. Il ose des contrastes violents, de la brutalité martiale au cisèlement des nuances . . .}"
Michèle FricheLe Soir
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“The orchestral performance perfectly supported the theatrical event. Rarely do we hear the orchestra of the Opéra de Wallonie playing as finely chiseled as in this Verdi. Maestro Massimo Zanetti is well versed in the Verdi repertoire and he exudes Italian style. With extremely smooth hand movements and finger gestures he gave every detail in the musical score to the musicians who were held as it were, on his fingers. He must have developed a positive relationship with the orchestra, because with utmost concentration and attention they played loyally and their supreme best. The result was a wonderfully lyrical performance that built up musical tension and became more immersive. The audience in Liege who usually responds in very spontaneous way, was also enthusiastic. Rightly so.”

Klassiek Centraal

“In fact, Massimo Zanetti has never disappointed us in his work with the scores of Verdi. We had already heard Don Carlo and Macbeth, both in Berlin, and this Luisa Miller again proves he knows this repertoire with familiarity and has a steady command of it, generating security and confidence that leads to sound in the orchestra which are certainly above their usual performance.

{A decir verdad nunca nos ha defraudado el trabajo de Massimo Zanetti con las partituras de Verdi. Ya le habíamos escuchado un Don Carlo y un Macbeth, ambos en Berlín, y con esta Luisa Miller volvió a demostrar que conoce este repertorio con familiaridad y que lo comanda con firmeza, generando en la orquesta una seguridad y confianza que la lleva a sonar sin duda por encima de su rendimiento habitual.}”


“But soon enough, it is won by the momentum and the fire of the musical direction of Massimo Zanetti, the venerated maestro truly sustains a Verdian dramatic discourse and never releases the tension.

{Mais assez vite, on est gagné par l’élan et le feu de la direction musicale de Massimo Zanetti, vrai maestro à l’ancienne qui fait vivre le discours dramatique verdien sans jamais relâcher la tension.}”

Le Figaro

“Carried by the alert direction of Massimo Zanetti, the chorus and orchestra of the Opéra de Liège are at their best.”

“. . . the chorus did not particularly stand out, in contrast to the orchestra, under the direction of the diligent and respectful balance of Massimo Zanetti. The maestro gets straight to the point, and impeccably manages the alternating tension and relaxation with the musicians and gets the benefit of top-level sound, focused and accurate . . .”

{Trop figés, les chœurs ne se démarquent pas particulièrement, au contraire de l’orchestre, placé sous la direction diligente et respectueuse des équilibres de Massimo Zanetti. Le chef va droit au but, gère impeccablement l’alternance de tension et de détente et obtient des musiciens une prestation de haute tenue, svelte et précise . . .}”