Concerts with Elsa Dreisig at the Seoul Arts Center

Critical Acclaim "Maestro Zanetti created huge dynamics with details in differentiated volume between instruments among all the sections. By faithfully following the composer’s intention, Maestro Zanetti and the GPhil brought sounds like  chamber music ensamble even from Mahler’s huge piece." Sangkwon LeeThe Strings

Maestro Zanetti delivered ( in Strauss and Mahler ) a whole new energy, through springy melody and well-defined dynamics. He brought depth by adding detailed accents and softness.

July 2019

By: Sieun Lee-  Joongbu Ilbo


It was an absolute charming moment on the stage with persistent curtain calls.

The second half of the concert with Mahler’s was just fantastic! Elsa Dreisig delivered  a variety of feelings with overwhelming power, and it matched so well with Maestro Zanetti’s dramatic performance.

July 2019

By: Jayoun Jung-  Gyeonggi Ilbo


The performing of Mahler 4th Symphony was very impressive; Elsa’s voice fit well, the ensemble led by Maestro Zanetti sounded like they where playing chamber music thanks to the details from strings,  and the sensitive phrases between sections were unique.

Maestro Zanetti and Elsa with GPhil brought us to heaven with gorgeous music.

20th July 2019

By: Myeong Hyun Hur – Freelance Columnist