New Year Concert at the GAC

Critical Acclaim "Zanetti’s own color was added to the most well-known repertoire for the 2019 GPhil New Year Concert.

Compared to traditional performances and interpretation of Beethoven’s fifth symphony, Maestro Zanetti used Bärenreiter edition that pursues historically informed performance to revive the composer’s intention and Zanetti’s interpretation was rapid and agile. Instead of following general approach, Zanetti used dynamic change in tempo from the first movement till the final. Maestro Zanetti has tried to follow Beethoven’s tempo direction precisely across the whole concert. For the sixth symphony, Zanetti created unique accent and strength that amplifies every delicate nuance of the piece. 
Godeun KwonFeb. Magazine

Witness of Ideal by a Realist, New Year Concert of the GPhil

With the Bärenreiter edition,  Zanetti with the GPhil’s performance was close to the original source, but also inventive and creative simultaneously.
While Maestro Zanetti was keeping the intention of the edition, he showed his pursuit of music as well. Zanetti brought liveliness by giving alternation between phrases and dynamics in tempo.
The orchestra is finding a new balance since the beginning of  the cooperation with the internationally renewed conductor Zanetti, showing a perfect chemistry in the making.

By: Sangkwon LeeThe String

31st Januari 2019