ORCHESTRA FESTIVAL SEOUL/ Seoul Arts Center, 20th April 2019

Critical Acclaim "Zanetti’s interpretation had simultaneously a firm sound like Toscanini's and a multicolored result, like Muti's" Tae-hyung RyuSNS

Massimo Zanetti deserves to be called the best conductor of this symphonic festival. From the beginning of Debussy until the end of Respighi, Zanetti unfolded sensitive coloring, the unique timbre of the woodwind instruments like foreign advanced orchestras and brilliant orchestral sounds that cannot be delivered by a variety of recordings.

Zanetti’s interpretation had simultaneously a firm sound like Toscanini’s and a multicolored result, like Muti’s.

Gyeonggi Phil has already been transformed to a skilled orchestra that can express even a Latin rhythm with ease

By: Tae-hyung Ryu – Auditorium, Editor-in-Chief & Freelance writer

All sold-out concert of the Gphil with positive Massimo Zanetti and Jihye Lee proved why the GPhil receives so much affection and loves by its fans and music lovers.

Zanetti’s interpretation was lively and vivid.

By: Ilbum ChangKBS Radio, Auditorium Reporter

I doubted myself if I’m really in Korea when I was listening to the Romane Festival by Respighi, and it seemed like Zanetti drew all of GPhil’s potential through this festival.”

By: Junhyeong Kim – Freelance Reporter