Gyeonggi Philharmonic Reviews

Critical Acclaim "He charmed the audiences by conducting the orchestra with elegant lines and free tempi,
reaffirming his reputation as an opera conductor."
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The Gyeonggi Philharmonic under the baton of Maestro Zanetti “exceeded expectations, world class”.

Some quotes from and about Massimo Zanetti after his successful inauguration concert as new Music Director:

∙ “I don’t lead the orchestra alone. We work together.”
∙ “The Gyeonggi Phil is a talented young orchestra with great potential and ability. I get a great impression every time, they always give me more than I expected!”
∙ He is renowned for his flexible, passionate and fiery conducting.
∙ He emphasised active communication within the orchestra.
∙ It was a good concert, in which Maestro Zanetti showed how he easily navigates the operatic repertoire.


Dramatic Zanetti ‘Massimo Zanetti & Gyeonggi Philharmonic’

∙ Maestro Zanetti, as a European conductor specialised in opera, played to his strengths through well-prepared programming.
∙ His energetic and clear reading of Mozart’s score proved that he is Italian!
∙ He charmed the audiences by conducting the orchestra with elegant lines and free tempi, reaffirming his reputation as an opera conductor.
∙ Maestro Zanetti’s skill in following a musical narrative and achieving musical catharsis is without match.
∙ Through natural changes in tempo, the Maestro achieved a dramatic result.

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Dramatic direction through contrast – ‘Brahms No.2 by the Gyeonggi Philharmonic’

∙ Maestro Zanetti delivered pure beauty with Brahms’s Symphony No. 2 through graceful melody and rich harmony.
∙ The Maestro’s ability to use effective drama was clearly demonstrated on Brahms’s Symphony No.2.
∙ The Maestro knew exactly where the soloist and the orchestra should be focused throughout the entire score.
∙ One of the more impressive things, along with excitement-packed performance by Jinjoo Cho and clear direction by Maestro Zanetti was the Gyeonggi Philharmonic’s precise dynamics.

With In News

Brahms No.2 by the Gyeonggi Philharmonic

∙ It was almost like listening to Brahms’s Symphony No.2 in a European concert hall, but it was the Gyeonggi Philharmonic that deserves high praise for their agile performance.
∙ Without any doubt, the Gyeonggi Phil gave a top-tier performance.
∙ From Massimo Zanetti performance, one can see the effect that his previous collaborations with other Asian orchestras has had on his relationship with the Gyeonggi Phil.
∙ His operatic encore fuelled the public’s anticipation for a performance in an opera pit someday soon.
∙ We look forward to seeing the Gyeonggi Phil’s growth into a world-class orchestra with Maestro Zanetti.


2019 GPhil New Year Concert

∙ Zanetti’s own color was added to the most well-known repertoire
∙ In contrast with a traditional performance and interpretation of Beethoven’s symphony,
Maestro Zanetti used the Bärenreiter edition, which interprets it in a historically informed
way to revive the composer’s intention.
∙ Traditional performances of Beethoven’s 5th Symphony usually go slowly to create
tragic atmosphere, but Zanetti’s interpretation was rapid and agile.
∙ Instead of following a general approach, Zanetti used dynamic changes in tempo from
the 1st movement until the finale gradually. Maestro Zanetti has tried to follow
Beethoven’s tempo direction precisely across the whole concert.
∙ For the 6th symphony, it seemed as Zanetti asked down bowing to make unique
accent and strength that amplifies a delicate nuance of the piece.

Godeun Kwon

∙ With the Bärenreiter edition, Zanetti with the GPhil’s performance was close to the
original source, but also inventive and creative.
∙ In the Bärenreiter edition, Beethoven’s tempo direction is marked in the footnote, and the
GPhil followed those directions almost completely.
∙ While Maestro Zanetti kept the intention of this edition, he showed his
pursuit of music as well.
∙ The motif of the 6th Symphony can be quite monotonous, but Zanetti brought liveliness
by changing up the phrases and dynamics in tempo.
∙ The orchestra is finding its balance thanks to cooperating with globally active
conductor Zanetti.