Massimo Zanetti shone as the brightest star of the evening. The maestro gave a driving reading that never turned into bluster. Zanetti shaped, pushed and pulled, all while weaving together the musical fabric of the score which comprises so many colorful sonorities. It was a vision of the piece that was surprising in its inventiveness, but seemed dramatically organic. The clarity he brought to the ensemble, both vocally and instrumentally, betrayed a musically assured mind, intimately familiar with the score. The piece sounded fresh all while remaining fundamentally Verdi. Both orchestra and chorus were at their best and exceptionally attentive and inspired.

- ConcertoNet


Critical Acclaim "As Massimo Zanetti (making his company debut) demonstrated, it all starts and ends with the conductor. And right from the orchestra’s first response to Zanetti’s downbeat, you had the feeling this was going to be special." James ChuteThe San Diego Union-Tribune
Critical Acclaim "The noted Italian conductor Massimo Zanetti led a lithe, fiery, cutting performance, one in which the expression mercy was not a priority." Mark SwedLos Angeles Times
Critical Acclaim "The maestro gets straight to the point, and impeccably manages the alternating tension and relaxation with the musicians and gets the benefit of top-level sound, focused and accurate . . ." Sébastien
Critical Acclaim "Carried by the alert direction of Massimo Zanetti, the chorus and orchestra of the Opéra de Liège are at their best. " Christophe
Critical Acclaim "But soon enough, it is won by the momentum and the fire of the musical direction of Massimo Zanetti . . ." Christian MerlinLe Figaro
Critical Acclaim "In fact, Massimo Zanetti has never disappointed us in his work with the scores of Verdi . . . this Luisa Miller again proves he knows this repertoire with familiarity and has a steady command of it . . ." Alejandro MartínezCodalario
Critical Acclaim "The maestro Massimo Zanetti and his baton are expert in Verdian repertoire." Michèle FricheLe Soir
Critical Acclaim "Rarely do we hear the orchestra of the Opéra de Wallonie playing as finely chiseled as in this Verdi. Maestro Massimo Zanetti is well versed in the Verdi repertoire and he exudes Italian style. " Lucrèce MaeckelberghKlassiek Centraal
Critical Acclaim "Galvanized by so many successful voices, the chorus and orchestra, conducted by Massimo Zanetti, gave the best of themselves . . ." Bruno PeetersCrescendo
Critical Acclaim "The orchestra followed Zanetti with fine, precisely cultivated pianos, rich, grounded tones in the strings and crashing brass interjections. Of course, Verdi's stereotypical accompanying formulas are not missing; but with Zanetti they sound elevated." Manfred LangerDer Opernfreund
Critical Acclaim "Here we see Zanetti, always willing, thoughtful and expressive, with a natural connection to the spirit of Verdi scores, which he approaches with a considerate and wise mixture of tension and lyricism, of theatricality and more contemplative bel canto." Alejandro MartínezCodalario
Feature "Certainly Verdi and Puccini are in my blood, and they'll always be faithful, because the path of knowledge of their respective masterpieces is infinite, it takes not just a lifetime to even begin to fully appreciate their depth and intent." Giorgio Gervasonil'opera
Critical Acclaim "First, Massimo Zanetti was largely responsible for the good outcome of the evening, with a smooth and pleasant communication with the head of the Liceu orchestra, which sounded much more exciting and more tight than in recent evenings." Alejandro MartínezCodalario
Critical Acclaim "Un ballo in Maschera and Verdi’s Requiem were both a highlight not just for the year but for San Diego Opera as a company. The combination of the principal cast along with Maestro Massimo Zanetti in both Ballo and the requiem was stellar." Garret HarrisSan Diego Reader
Feature "Este fin de semana se ha estrenado la 64 temporada de ópera de ABAO-OLBE con nada menos que Don Carlos de Verdi, una Gran Ópera francesa con todo lo que ello implica. Sin duda es un gran reto para todos los que la hacen posible y los nervios están a flor de piel. Sin embargo, Massimo Zanetti, el director musical, encuentra unos momentos para charlar educada, amable y distendidamente sobre Don Carlos con Klassikbidea." Nora Franco MadariagaKlassikbidea
Critical Acclaim ""A magnificent Don Carlos . . . The Bilbao Symphony Orchestra, under the guidance of Maestro Massimo Zanetti, rightly one of the most sought after conductors of his generation, gave a great interpretation of "Don Carlos."" Frederik VerbekeEklektika
Critical Acclaim "Conductor Massimo Zanetti leads the San Diego Symphony seamlessly through the two-hour, 40-minute production . . ." Pam KragenThe San Diego Union-Tribune
Critical Acclaim "Zanetti brought out virile, tightly focused playing from the orchestra, especially the brass accents and letimotifs that move the plot forward." Ken HermanSan Diego Story
Critical Acclaim "Massimo Zanetti has a great grasp on the tempo of Tosca. The Orchestra deftly maneuvers through Puccini’s capricious score . . . " Christie
Critical Acclaim "Maestro Massimo Zanetti brought his Italian sensibilities and clear understanding to the score." Erica MinerBachtrack
Critical Acclaim "The orchestra, as conducted by the atomic Massimo Zanetti, was spectacular." Garrett HarrisSan Diego Reader
Critical Acclaim ". . . conductor Massimo Zanetti leads the San Diego Symphony with nuance and brio." Pat LaunerTimes of San Diego